Serve Henrietta

The Henrietta Democratic Committee works to promote Democratic values and leadership; however, this cause comes second to promoting a strong sense of community across Henrietta. Attending community events and volunteering in our neighborhoods has always been a central part of what we do. In order to enhance our efforts we put forth in serving our community, HDC created a volunteer outreach arm of the committee called Serve Henrietta. Expect to see us volunteering throughout the community in whatever capacity we can to do the most good for Henrietta. Our number one goal is to make Henrietta a better place to live. Like the Serve Henrietta page on Facebook at so you can check out all the work we do. If you would like to get involved serving Henrietta, send us an email at and join our email list


We have volunteered to keep our community beautiful and clean. Our "adopted" highway is a portion of East Henrietta Rd. stretching from Castle Rd. to the MCC campus. We conduct coordinated cleanups multiple times throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Let us know if you are interested in helping keep Henrietta a beautiful place to live.

Make a Difference Day