Jack Moore caught on video again

Why is Jack Moore using the Town of Henrietta to mow the lawn on his personal property? 

UPDATE: Since New York State takes care of their own right of ways, and East Henrietta Road is a state road, the Town of Henrietta should not be mowing here. A number of individuals have reached out to us after this video was posted to confirm this. Plus, they've indicated that the Town doesn't mow any other right of ways on East Henrietta Road -- expect of course Gro-Moore's.  

This is something that we've heard before, but now we need answers. Earlier this month 2 individuals approached us with video they filmed of a Town of Henrietta employee mowing the lawn at Gro-Moore Farms, which is owned by Supervisor Jack Moore. The Henrietta markings are clearly visible on the Town vehicle. Watch the video below or on our Facebook Page. (The sound from the video has been removed to protect the identity of the individuals, who requested anonymity.) 

Town of Henrietta mowing Jack Moore's private property

Why is Jack Moore using the Town of Henrietta to mow his own personal property?

Posted by Henrietta Democratic Committee on Sunday, September 27, 2015