Statement on Ethics Board and Jack Moore

After the Ethics Board failed to act on the complaint against Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore's racist remarks, Henrietta Democratic Committee Town Leader Simeon Banister issued the following statement:

"The Ethics Board’s failure to fulfill its duty is another example of how Henrietta’s town government is broken under Supervisor Jack Moore. Racism, sexism, and discrimination against people living with disabilities are serious, nonpartisan issues, which we must work together to address. We agree with our Republican colleagues, including Monroe County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich, County Executive Maggie Brooks, and County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo, as well as the Editorial Board of the Democrat & Chronicle, that Jack Moore is unable to effectively lead the Town of Henrietta.”

From the Henrietta Town Code (

§ 109-16

Additional powers and duties of Board of Ethics.

In addition to any other powers and duties specified by this chapter, the Board of Ethics shall have the power and duty to:

A. Administer and enforce all the provisions of this chapter.

B. Conduct any investigation necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Pursuant to this power and duty, the Board may administer oaths or affirmations, subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance and require the production of any books or records which it may deem relevant or material.

§ 109-5

Standards of conduct.

L. No Town officer or employee shall violate any Town or departmental policy governing conduct by officers or employees, which policies have been established and promulgated by the Town Board.

Note that:

  1. Per Section 109-5, the Town Board of Henrietta passed an Anti-Harassment and Anti- Discrimination Policy governing conduct by Town officers and employees.
  2. A complaint was filed alleging that Supervisor Jack Moore’s actions violated the behavior set forth in these policies.
  3. The Town Board of Ethics has a duty to administer and enforce provisions of chapter 109 of the Town Code which includes the aforementioned § 109-5 Part L
  4. The Town Board of Ethics has failed to fulfill its duty.