Case adjourned: Statement from former Supervisor Yudelson

13 WHAM News provided  exclusive coverage . 

13 WHAM News provided exclusive coverage

Charges against former Henrietta Supervisor Mike Yudelson were dropped today. He released the following statement:

“I am appreciative that the Monroe County District Attorney’s office has decided to not pursue the politically motivated charges alleged by Henrietta Supervisor Jack Moore. After wasting thousands of dollars of Town of Henrietta resources in an effort solely aimed at discrediting me, Jack Moore owes Henrietta residents an apology. When Supervisor Moore took office, despite having two qualified full-time IT people on the staff, he hired one of his campaign workers to launch a digital witch hunt.  This was done without the necessary Town Board approval. As of today, he has paid this campaign worker at least $3,500 in Henrietta taxpayer money to search through my old computer hard drive and printer. What’s also concerning is that in the process, Supervisor Moore gave his campaign worker access to people’s personal and financial information. While his history of untruthful and hurtful statements is well known, in this case his zeal to harm me compromised the privacy of Henrietta citizens.”