Gillibrand and Slaughter endorse Henrietta Democrats

L-R: Rob Barley, Michael Yudelson, Simeon Banister, Mike Stafford

The Henrietta Democratic Committee is pleased to announce the endorsement of their candidates by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. Both declared their support for: Simeon Banister for Monroe County Legislator (District 13), Michael Yudelson for Henrietta Town Supervisor, and Rob Barley and Mike Stafford for Henrietta Town Board.

“Henrietta residents deserve elected officials in town and county government who represent strong leadership and integrity,” Senator Gillibrand said. “Simeon Banister, Michael Yudelson, Rob Barley, and Mike Stafford are committed to putting families first and will fight for the middle class. I am proud to endorse their candidacies.”

"We need to bring strong and honest leadership to Henrietta and Monroe County government," said Congresswoman Slaughter. "I support the Democratic slate in Henrietta because they are committed to bringing the change we need. I look forward to working with them to move our community forward."

“Senator Gillibrand has led the charge in bringing issues that are vital to women’s rights and equality to the forefront of our national discussion,” said Banister, who is also Town Leader of the Henrietta Democratic Committee. “Congresswoman Slaughter is unafraid to speak her mind and stand for progressive values. I’m proud to have their endorsements.”

"Congresswoman Slaughter has been a champion for our community for as long as I can remember,” said Yudelson. “Senator Gillibrand has built her reputation as a fierce advocate for economic development and equality. It’s an honor and privilege to have their support this election.”

In addition to the support of Senator Gillibrand and Congresswoman Slaughter, all four Henrietta Democratic candidates have been endorsed by the Women’s Equality Party. In Henrietta, 53.3 percent of registered voters are women (Monroe County Board of Elections, Nov. 3, 2014), which underscores the importance of women’s rights and issues.

Democrats also maintain an advantage over Republicans in voter enrollment in the Town of Henrietta, 7,915 vs. 6,971 (per Monroe County Board of Elections, May 1, 2015). Excited by the resurgence of the Henrietta Democratic Committee and its full slate of candidates, many look at Henrietta as best positioned for Democrats to pick up seats this election.